Group 500 Review – The Ideal Form of Trading for You

Do you know what ideal form of trading is? If you are new to trading, I am sure your scope of that must be very narrow. When you have spent some time trading in the online trading world, you will know many intricate details that you don’t know right now. The ideal form of trading is a combination between great trading conditions, proper training, and peace of mind that comes from the safety features that the right trading platform always has in place. I want to discuss all of that in this Group 500 review and let you know why you should consider this option at all.

It provides you with the type of trading that you can continue for a long time and progress as a trader. If you start as a beginner today and continue to trade successfully on this platform, I can tell you that you becoming a professional trader within the next 5 years is not out of question. Let’s discuss the many features that have compelled me to call it an ideal option for you and many other traders from around the world.

The Account Types

You cannot ignore the fact that a trading account decides your future in the trading world. You might have some high ambitions associated with trading, but you won’t be able to do much with them when your broker does not even let you sign up with it. How does that happen? Well, the company you are trying to sign up with is asking you for a lot of money upfront. You don’t have that budget, and as a result, you are stopped from opening your trading account. None of that will happen to you when you sign up with Group 500.

This company lets you pick an account that really fits your budget with ease. You have the silver account for first time traders and gold account for those who think they have gone beyond basic trading. This account requires $25,000 from you. To make things even better, I recommend you go with the platinum account, which can be opened with a sum of $50,000. Each feature that you get with these accounts has been tweaked and adjusted to the trader type that it is targeting.

KYC, AML, Encryption and More

I am going to talk about all the security and safety features in one place to give you a quick idea of how much attention this company gives to security. The KYC policy ensures that everyone provides their personal details while signing up, completely removing the possibility of someone signing up with fake details. The AML policy requires the submission of banking details that can’t be fabricated or manipulated. This stops money launderers from signing up on the platform. Encryption ensures that every piece of data that you have shared on the website is coded to become intelligible.

Lastly, you have the segregation of funds, which means the account where the money of the trader goes is separate and it is at a bank that is properly regulated.

Customer Support You’d Admire

To complete your trading experience, you have to look for a trading services provider that has great customer support. I don’t even have to talk too much about the customer support from this company for you to know how great it is. Firstly, there are multiple phone numbers that you can call. Secondly, you have a web form you can use to contact the company. Thirdly, you can email as well. Lastly, you can call the customer support department at any given time during the day or night within the work days because it is available 24/5.

Final Thoughts

You should also know that the trading platform from Group 500 is compatible with most mobile and desktop devices out there. It also runs smoothly on your iOS and Android devices. With those features, I think Group 500 has created perfect conditions for any trader in any part of the world to sign up with it.

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